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Augusta Scheiber, pianist, presented a program of devoutly good quality last night at Town Hall, including the Allegro Moderato in E Major and the G Major Sonata, Op. 78, by Schubert, Schumann’s “Scenes from Childhood,” and Beethoven’s “Diabelli Varations.”


Throughout the entire recital, she showed herself to be an intensely intelligent musician, poetically inclined, and possessed of a technique that is exquisitely adjusted to chamber-type expression. It is not often one hears Schubert played with such a delicious balancing of voices, such attention to minutiae of internal dynamics and contrapuntal detail, such a steady light-handed flow of rhythms. It is not often that Schubert sounds so much himself…


-L.T., New York Herald Tribune, April 6, 1954



After three years of absence from the recital scene, Augusta Scheiber made a commendable return in a program of Schubert, Schumann, and Beethoven. The Schubert selections… revealed immaculately clean performance and thorough understanding of the Classic style. …The Diabelli Variations (op. 120) by Beethoven made up the second half of the program. Augusta Scheiber not only met the demands of the variations with assured control, but managed to make each one peculiarly distinct and meaningful. Otherwise the entire 33 might have become a little more than tedious. The pianist’s control, power and precision are truly admirable.


- W.L.F., Musical Courier, May 1, 1954



Mrs. Scheiber must be credited with an amazing technical equipment and a contagious honesty in her music making.


– Boris Erich Nelson, Newport News, April 3, 1950

Augusta Scheiber at the piano




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